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We are still open during these uncertain times and have put in place extra cleaning processes to ensure we do our best to keep our staff and our customers safe.

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  1. Why Do You Need Electric Brakes?

      October 21 2020

      Electric brakes are a crucial part of any heavy caravan or trailer, easing the burden on your vehicle and keeping you safe on the road. A caravan that is unable to support itself through electric brakes can prove to be extremely dangerous, especially on the highways you are likely to take on a long […]


  2. The Importance Of Having An Annual Car Service

      August 31 2020

    When your car is in good working order, getting your car serviced annually can feel like an unnecessary burden. It’s easy to feel like this until something goes wrong and you find yourself wishing you had booked your annual car service when it was due. When it comes to car maintenance, it’s true that prevention […]


  3. Signs You Need A Car Repair

      July 23 2020

    Finding out you need car repairs can quickly ruin your day, but things are only going to get worse if you ignore the warning signs. In order to prevent a hefty repair bill, it’s important to know the warning signs that your car needs fixing and act on them quickly.  The sooner you get your […]


  4. Is Your Car Battery In Good Health?

      June 25 2020

    Car batteries generally last anywhere between two and five years, given that there are a lot of factors involved, including how well they are taken care of. Signs That Your Battery Is Dying Engine Struggles If your engine has difficulty turning on, taking multiple attempts to start up, your battery may be close to dying. […]


  5. Tips To Care For Your Car Air Con In Winter

      May 14 2020

    With winter fast approaching, Melbourne drivers will be starting to notice a big drop in temperature. In fact, it’s probably been some time since you last felt the need to turn on your car’s air conditioning. While this can be a welcome change from the summer heat, it’s worth considering how it affects your vehicle’s […]


  6. Baby Car Seat Fitting: What You Need to Know

      April 22 2020

    It goes without saying, but the safety of your child when driving is of the utmost importance. To comply with Victoria’s child restraint laws, all children must travel in a child restraint or booster seat until the age of seven. It is vital this baby car seat fitting is done correctly.  Child car seat fittings […]


  7. The Importance Of Getting Your Car Brakes Serviced

      February 24 2020

    At Bentleigh Automotive Services, we understand how easy it can be to fall into the trap of irregular servicing. The brakes of your car must be serviced regularly for your safety, and the safety of other road users. The importance of getting your car brakes regularly serviced can not be understated.  Here is everything you […]


  8. European Car Servicing – Why You Need A Specialist

      February 16 2020

    It’s easy to see why you’d want to choose a European car. Brands such as Fiat, Renault, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and many more; all of them have a reputation for performance and style, which is why it is critical that you have a specialist when you are looking for European car servicing.    From the […]


  9. What Does a Log Book Service Mean?

      January 21 2020

    What is a log book service? A log book service is a recurring car service that is carried out in accordance with the guidelines documented by the vehicle’s manufacturer.  By following the regular maintenance schedule outlined in your log book, small issues are fixed to prevent major problems that can occur in the future, and […]



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