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  1. How often should brakes be serviced?

      July 23 2021

    Regularly servicing your brakes is extremely important for the safety of you, your family and other road users. A regular brake service will uncover any potential problems with your brakes before they become major issues, thereby helping you to avoid any larger, more costly problems in the future. As a general rule, car owners should […]


  2. The difference between European car servicing and domestic car servicing

      June 28 2021

      European car servicing and domestic car servicing are different for one main reason – the service requirements of European cars and domestic cars can vary greatly. In order to properly maintain your luxurious European car’s cutting-edge features and driver-assistive technology, a specialised understanding of European car servicing is required. European vehicles need tailored car […]


  3. Roadworthy Certificates

      May 26 2021

      Every car driven on a public road in Victoria requires a roadworthy certificate. Without one, the car is not legal to drive and can result in a hefty fine if you get caught. To be awarded a roadworthy certificate, your car must go through a roadworthy inspection that tests each safety feature of your […]


  4. Signs You Need Clutch Repair

      April 29 2021

      As with all parts of your car that are subject to frequent wear from daily use, your clutch will eventually need replacing at some point in the life of your vehicle. When you notice issues with your clutch, it is important to get your clutch looked at by a professional as soon as possible. […]


  5. Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

      March 26 2021

      As winter approaches and cold weather is more common, it becomes more important each day to get your car checked by a mechanic, increasing your safety on the road during cold and rainy conditions. The team at Bentleigh Automotive Services has all the knowledge required to get your car right for that difficult winter […]


  6. Keep Your Auto Service Consistent

      February 24 2021

      When it comes to your car, it is always better to keep it in good condition with regular servicing than pay for repairs when something goes wrong. The best way to keep your car in top condition is to see the same mechanic whenever you need a service. Let’s face it, if you switch […]


  7. Tyre Service and Maintenance Tips

      January 14 2021

      When it comes to looking after your vehicle, regular tyre checks should be at the top of your to-do list.  Worn or damaged car tyres create a serious hazard for you, your passengers and fellow drivers, compromising your grip on the road, brake response time and overall control of the vehicle. Worse, failing to […]


  8. Why You Need to Regularly Service Your Hybrid

      November 30 2020

      Owning a hybrid car is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as drivers become more environmentally conscious and seek a more cost-effective, sustainable and efficient option. Hybrid vehicles combine the best that electric cars have to offer with the more traditional petrol engine. Because hybrid cars offer greater fuel efficiency, you are likely to save […]


  9. Why Do You Need Electric Brakes?

      October 21 2020

      Electric brakes are a crucial part of any heavy caravan or trailer, easing the burden on your vehicle and keeping you safe on the road. A caravan that is unable to support itself through electric brakes can prove to be extremely dangerous, especially on the highways you are likely to take on a long […]


  10. The Importance Of Having An Annual Car Service

      August 31 2020

    When your car is in good working order, getting your car serviced annually can feel like an unnecessary burden. It’s easy to feel like this until something goes wrong and you find yourself wishing you had booked your annual car service when it was due. When it comes to car maintenance, it’s true that prevention […]



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