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 January 18 2023

Australian drivers are all familiar with the intense heat summer brings. Parking in the shade or keeping your windows rolled down helps with air circulation, but it can still be almost impossible to be comfortable without a working air conditioning system. If you want to beat the heat, we recommend getting a car air conditioning service as early in summer as possible.

Every year, many people mistakenly wait for the weather to get truly hot before they start thinking about booking a car aircon regas and service.

Why Does My Car Air Con Need to be Serviced?

Car air conditioning systems do more than keep you cool during summer. They also help remove humidity from the cabin. Your A/C system consists of many hoses and seals that can dry out or crack if there is too much prolonged exposure to heat or humidity. This cracking can result in a coolant leak which can also damage other vital parts of your car. Getting your car air conditioning regassed every one to two years helps to prevent any costly breakdowns and reduce the need for a car air con repair

Tips to Prepare Your Car Air Con For Summer

When it comes to car maintenance, there are a few things you can do to ensure your car air conditioning is in working order for summer.

1. Maintenance checks

Bentleigh Automotive Services are accredited with Arctick as a licensed air conditioning service centre.  Included in your annual service is a maintenance check of your vehicle’s air conditioning system to determine if it is holding air and working efficiently.  We will report if there are any issues which can assist with your budgeting for car maintenance.

2. Run your A/C for about ten minutes a week

No one wants cold air blowing on them in the middle of winter, but letting your A/C run for ten minutes a week can greatly improve its performance in summer. These quick sessions will help your A/C maintain its gas pressure at an optimum level and ensure that all the components are in working order. The best way to do this is by turning your system to its coolest setting and the fan to the highest speed. 

It is also advisable to do this with your A/C’s defrost mode. This will help eliminate excess moisture that has accumulated in the system and prevent mildew buildup and musty odours as a result. 

3. Keep your car’s interior clean

Moisture, dust, dirt and other particles can build up in your A/C over time. This build up can prevent your A/C from being able to function properly. Cleaning your car’s carpets, mats, seats and compartments can help prevent these debris and particles from building up and entering your car’s A/C system.

4. Park under the shade

Leaving your car parked in the sun for a long period of time can really heat up your car’s interior. When this happens, your auto air conditioning will need to work twice as hard to cool the car down. Parking your car in the shade or using sun visors can help reduce this problem.

An Air Conditioner Service you can Trust

Don’t wait for the summer heat to become unbearable – book your car air conditioning service today by contacting the experts at Bentleigh Automotive Services. Simply give us a call on 03 8566 8439 or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will help you make your booking.


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