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As a key safety function, any unexpected brake issues could put you and others at risk on the road. Brake failure often occurs as a result of serious wear and tear of the car brake pad. Regular brake maintenance and servicing will not only help minimise the risk of costly repairs but also keep yourself, and everyone you share the road with safer. Bentleigh auto uses the SafeTStop advanced diagnostic tool to thoroughly test the condition and health of all braking systems.

Understanding Car Brake Safety

While it is recommended that you take your car for a brake service each year, it is important that you familiarise yourself with all the warning signs that may appear whenever there is a potential issue with your brakes. Doing this will help you determine whether you are in need of a brake repair or service.

Brake light on

The brake light illuminated on the vehicle dash is the most obvious sign that your car needs a brake repair. The brake light will turn on whenever your car needs a brake service or a potential problem has been detected.

Squealing noise

Unpleasant squealing noises from your brakes aren’t always the sign of a problem. Dust or debris gets stuck in your brakes over time which can result in squealing. Other times, it could indicate that your brake pad is wearing out. When this happens, the metal part of your brake pad makes contact with the rotor and releases a high-pitched noise everytime you apply pressure.

Grinding noises

Grinding noises are often the result of the brake pad scraping against metal contact points and are a sign that your car needs an urgent brake service.

Shaking when braking

Every time you apply pressure to your brakes, the pads will push against the rotor discs in your wheels and slow or stop your car. Over time, these rotor surfaces wear down and become uneven due to friction. The biggest sign of uneven rotors is a shaking or vibrating steering wheel when you brake.

No resistance when braking

You should always feel some resistance when pressing the brake pedal. If you’re able to easily push your pedal all the way to the floor, it is not safe to drive. 

Spongy or little resistance could be a sign that there is moisture or air in the braking system. It could also point to a problem with the car’s master cylinder. If there is no resistance when applying brakes, your car is not safe to drive and needs to be towed to a mechanic for repair.

Benefits of car brake testing

The only way to have total peace of mind that your brakes are in proper working order is to get an expert to complete a thorough brake test. This involves more than simply checking the visual components of your brake system, such as the brake pads. A comprehensive brake test involves testing the performance of the entire braking system to produce a quantified and measurable result. Following a car brake test, the mechanic will be able to action any brake repairs that are required so you can return to the road with confidence.

At Bentleigh Automotive, we use StafeTStop for every brake service and repair. SafeTStop is a powerful diagnostic tool that uses a plate brake testing system to test the brakes, wheel alignment and suspension. This comprehensive assessment takes only a minute, and will produce a full report about any imbalances, wheel alignment, and the condition of your vehicle’s shock absorbers. 

SafeTStop provides a safer and more accurate method to test brakes so you can drive away with full confidence in your vehicle.

Need a car service or brake test? At Bentleigh Automotive we are part of the Bosch Car Service Network. We put your safety first by using the most advanced and accurate diagnostic tools. Call us today on 03 8566 8439 to book your brake test.

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