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Bentleigh Automotive Services
(03) 9570 2844

Bentleigh Automotive Services is an expansion of Malvern Auto Services. The
technicians at Brighton Auto Electrical were ready for a change so we took the
opportunity to expand our workshop into the Bentleigh location.

We look forward to meeting long term Brighton Auto Electrical clients and seeing our
existing Malvern clients who live closer to Bentleigh at our new location.

Darren and Cathy are determined to build a business that meets the needs of the
modern automotive industry for our new customers. Many changes are obvious such
as re-signing and painting the front of the building and brightening up the walls in the
Bosch colour scheme inside the building. We are also continuing to update and
equip the workshop to place it in a position to meet the needs of our local community
and today’s motor vehicle. Please follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram!

We are active members of the Bosch Car Service network which provides many
opportunities to interact with other technicians and attend world renowned training in
both the technical program and the workshop management program. We are very
lucky to have the Australian headquarters of Bosch a 15 minute drive away from our
workshop. We are currently working towards completing the technical / diagnostic
training and the Bosch Service Excellence program for all our technicians.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact Bentleigh Automotive Services on (03) 9570 2844 or Contact Us below.

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bentleigh automotive services shop front

Harry Khabal at Bosch Awards

Bosch Service Workshop

Bosch Service Community


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