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 November 30 2020


Owning a hybrid car is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as drivers become more environmentally conscious and seek a more cost-effective, sustainable and efficient option. Hybrid vehicles combine the best that electric cars have to offer with the more traditional petrol engine.

Because hybrid cars offer greater fuel efficiency, you are likely to save money in the long term when driving one. Given that, along with the environmental benefits, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing hybrid vehicles.

How Does a Hybrid Car Work?

In hybrid vehicles, the engine and electric motor seamlessly work in harmony to conserve energy, provide greater fuel efficiency and save you money. When you drive a hybrid, you do not need to charge the battery, as it charges while you drive.

Hybrids provide all the torque and power of an electric vehicle, taking over during the easier parts of your drive. When you need a little more power, the petrol engine kicks in to provide it. This combination saves you in petrol costs and keeps your battery working longer.

However, while many people believe that hybrid vehicles require less servicing than traditional cars, this is simply untrue. When driving a hybrid, you will still need to get regular log book servicing, along with general car servicing after the first few years, once your warranty period is over.

How is a Hybrid Service Different?

A hybrid car service is generally similar to a service for a more traditional vehicle, with only a few extra elements to consider. A professional mechanic will be able to take a close look at the petrol engine and service the electric motor.

While your battery is less likely to go flat in a hybrid vehicle, it is just as important to have it regularly checked, if not more so. The electric motor depends on energy from the battery, which it receives from the engine. In a hybrid, the engine, battery and motor all work together, so it is essential to make sure that all three parts are functioning at their best.

As part of any hybrid service, a mechanic will also check your oil levels. One of the benefits of a hybrid, however, is that the oil does not get used as quickly. While it will still need to be changed, you will not have to do so as frequently as you would with a more traditional car.

Hybrid Vehicle Servicing and Repairs

Other than any servicing to the motor, a hybrid service will be similar to any other car service. Your vehicle may need a wheel alignment or tyre replacement. Car brakes also cause significant issues if they go unserviced. Although your hybrid car is more efficient than one that runs only on a petrol engine, it still goes through natural wear and tear, and requires regular servicing.

Another element of car servicing which is often overlooked is the condition of your car air conditioning. If you have found that your air conditioner is not working as effectively as it used to, it may need to be regassed.

If you drive a hybrid car and are in need of car repair or a service, get in contact with the best mechanic Moorabbin area has to offer. 


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